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Fall 2023 Fashion Trend Report: Straight From The Runway

  As the latest arrivals for Fall '23 grace the shelves of French Cuff Boutique, our focus shifts towards the impending cooler days, brimming with fresh fashion. With each new season, a profusion of vibrant color trends emerges, poised to enrich the cozy palette synonymous with the cold-weather months or beckon us to venture beyond our comfort zones. Brace yourself for autumn with our comprehensive guide to the latest fashion trends. 1.All-Red EVERYTHING Red is stealing the spotlight this fall! Radiant red shades, maroons, and deep burgundies graced the runways in abundance. At New York Fashion Week, no less than a dozen designers championed red as the standout shade of 2023. While many of these red ensembles sported warm, orangey...

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Summer Trend Spotlight: Quiet Luxury

A large majority of the hottest fashion trends we are seeing this summer are rather out there in terms of color, fabric, and shape. Some of these more playful and vibrant examples we have seen include Barbie Pink and Mermaidcore; both stemming from their corresponding movies, as well as overstated rose and bow accessories on sequin and frill-covered pieces. However, on the contrary, there is an overarching simplistic movement referred to as "quiet luxury" that is gaining major traction on social media and has people rethinking their wardrobes entirely. WHAT IS QUIET LUXURY? To put it simply, quiet luxury can be defined as a minimalist and simplistic approach to dressing, with a strong focus on investing in high-quality pieces. When...

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