Summer Trend Spotlight: Quiet Luxury

Summer Trend Spotlight: Quiet Luxury

A large majority of the hottest fashion trends we are seeing this summer are rather out there in terms of color, fabric, and shape. Some of these more playful and vibrant examples we have seen include Barbie Pink and Mermaidcore; both stemming from their corresponding movies, as well as overstated rose and bow accessories on sequin and frill-covered pieces. However, on the contrary, there is an overarching simplistic movement referred to as "quiet luxury" that is gaining major traction on social media and has people rethinking their wardrobes entirely.


To put it simply, quiet luxury can be defined as a minimalist and simplistic approach to dressing, with a strong focus on investing in high-quality pieces. When considering colors and the absence of logos, this movement is similar to the almost decade-long "Minimalist" movement. However, the quiet luxury movement places an emphasis on purchasing higher end items that can be styled multiple ways, with the intention of serving you for years to come. This collection of pieces is often referred to as a capsule wardrobe, reflecting a style that exudes "stealth wealth."


Fashion indirectly reflects economic and social changes and happenings. The COVID-19 pandemic prompted many individuals to recognize that they did not truly need as many clothes as they had believed. This realization, along with events in the celebrity pop culture scene, are what inspired this whispering trend to start talking. Gwyneth Paltrow's logo-free ensembles from high-end brands like Celine, Prada, and The Row during courtroom appearances, as well as Kim Kardashian's monochromatic home, have directly inspired the rise and spread of quiet luxury as well. Sophia Richie's viral wedding gained major internet traction which has put her style in the spotlight, serving as a perfect model for this aesthetic.  


    • Capsule Wardrobe: Build a collection of essential pieces that can be effortlessly mixed and matched.
    • Logos? No, thank you: Embrace the glamour of understatement by avoiding conspicuous logos and rocking simplicity.
    • Prioritizing Longevity: Seek out well-made garments that will stand the test of time, providing years of use and enjoyment.
    • Muted Tones: While not a strict requirement, muted color palettes create an elegant and cohesive aesthetic that can be easily played up with accessories, as well as can be styled a multitude of ways.
    • Premium Basics: Invest in foundational pieces such as a well-tailored blazer or coat, a timeless handbag, or versatile layering items.
    • Luxurious Materials: Opt for garments crafted from elevated materials that radiate elegance and quality.
    • Mix and Match: Choose items that can be effortlessly paired with various outfits, and elevate them with bold accessories like gold accents or a vibrant bag or shoe. 

    To conclude, quiet luxury has emerged as a powerful force reshaping fashion's landscape. Despite the plethora of colorful and avant-garde trends dominating this summer, the quiet luxury movement is making a lasting impact- & we are here for it! By embracing its minimalist allure and prioritizing enduring style, we can navigate the ever-changing world of fashion with ease. In essence, this trend allows us to make a statement effortlessly without appearing to try too hard. While not entirely new, this beloved chic aesthetic is here to stay. Moreover, this movement holds the promise of sustainability in the fashion industry by encouraging fewer purchases of fast fashion items and promoting a shift towards investing in high-quality pieces that offer longevity and versatile styling options for years to come. Let us embrace the understated sophistication of quiet luxury and enjoy fashion that goes beyond temporary trends, allowing our authentic selves to radiate through timeless elegance.
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    By: Jadyn Grossman
    Image source: google photos

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