7 Tips to Transform Your Closet

7 Tips to Transform Your Closet | French Cuff Boutique
Not sure where to begin on tackling your closet checklist? Don't worry, we've got seven helpful tips to transform your closet! Purge the old and bring in the new with a special discount by simply donating pieces to French Cuff Boutique during our bi-annual Clean Out Your Closet for a Cause! All new and gently worn women's clothing benefit Star of Hope, a community dedicated to meeting the needs of homeless families. Continue reading below for our seven closet cleanse tips and stop by to receive 15% off each regular-priced item for every piece you bring in to donate!
1. Keep What Makes You Feel Your Best
Whether it's your essential basics or a luxurious silk blouse, always keep the items that make you feel confident and your best no matter the day or occasion! Our goal is to not only make sure you're looking fabulous in your new outfit, but that you're also feeling fantastic. Keep those pieces that bring you joy and make you smile when wearing!
2. Get Tricky Items Styled at FCB
Have a top or skirt you love but can't seem to figure out how to wear it or what to pair it with? Look no further than FCB! Bring it in during your next visit or make a personal styling appointment for help figuring out how to wear those tricky items that you don't want to say goodbye to just yet.
3. Part with Items That You Haven't Worn in a Year
If you didn't wear that one maxi last summer and still haven't this year, are you going to wear it the next time the weather calls for it? Probably not! Instead of having those pieces take up essential space in your closet, swap it out for something you'll wear again and again. (And save 15% while doing it!)
4. Hold On to Basics, Let Go of Duplicates
The essentials are always a must-have in your wardrobe - you can dress up a simple black tee with a blazer or leather jacket year-round, but there's no need for two hot pink cardigans in your closet! Let go of duplicates and grab yourself a new piece that's out of the box and a first for your wardrobe. We promise it'll get more use and it'll get you excited for a new look!
5. Bid Adieu to Styles with Tags
Still have the tag on a dress you still haven't worn? Is it haunting you every time you go through your closet? We get it. Donate that piece to someone in need and receive 15% off a style you'll want to rip off the tags and wear the next chance you get!
6. Replace Well-Loved and Worn Pieces
It's not a fashion crime to wear your favorite pieces over and over, but if the piling or holes are beyond repair, it's time to toss it and replace it! Grab something similar (you did love the last one so much!) or one that has an updated hem or wash. You'll stay true to your style, but will feel so refreshed!
7. Donate to Clean Out Your Closet for a Cause!
Got a huge pile of women's clothing to donate? Bring it to French Cuff Boutique! For every new or gently worn piece you bring in, you'll receive 15% off a new regular-priced item until January 31st. All donations benefit Star of Hope, a community dedicated to meeting the needs of homeless men, women, and their children. Thanks to you, we have donated over 12,000 items to Star of Hope since January 2017!

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